Saturday, February 23, 2008

Love Affair

I don't understand the love affair with opiates. These sordid chemicals have always managed to work their way into my life at various times, however never into my system. Do people like the idea that these are highly addictive chemicals? I have tried my damnedest to stay clear of these things since the last time I came into contact with them. That was a dear and, thankfully now, a totally clean friend. These things pain me. I don't like being around junkies. I have never aspired to be around them. They, however, seem attracted to me. Maybe it's the superfluous amounts of it now currently in the drug culture. I've heard that it's a much better high than coke and a cheaper one at that. It would seem that the fates want me around these substances, as if they were tempting me. They can tempt on. I have better things to do.

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Christine said...

I don't get the idea of drugs either. we've all seen someone ruin their lives yet, people still do it. Meth mouth is really really attractive. ok, I'm over it. Seriously, all I can think of now is Guinness Red. I want to try it. Badly.