Saturday, February 16, 2008

Turn Off The T.V.

My apologies to my few faithful readers। I've been indisposed of as of late. Music has been my main priority lately, so I have been unable to produce much of anything at all. That seems to be me, though. Excessive output for several months and then silence. I hope you'll accept my apology. Zarely should assuage you, though. She's my sticker model and she's awesome.

The January 15th Edition of the New York Post disturbed me to no end. On the front cover (the back is the Sports section) was a picture of Britney Spears after her court appearance concerning her child-visitation rights. Normally, this would be considered nothing out of the ordinary (especially for this rag) but I found it exceedingly distressing when, after opening the front page and looking towards the lower left-hand corner of Page 3, I noticed a VERY small article of three sentences about how scientists were recently able to grow a beating rat heart in a jar. A development like this has a direct impact on a very large portion of the population, yet, it seems that no one is really as interested in this as compared to the personal life of a manic depressive celebrity. Is it me or there something wrong with this picture? A European friend that I had recently met on Facebook asked me a question related to this sort of topic just recently. She asked me if I had ever watched Jerry Springer. I was almost in shock and apparently she was, too. She didn't know whether or not Americans really acted that way in person or if they even watched that show. I had to inform her that, unfortunately, people did watch that show and not just people but a lot of people watched that show. I did mention to her that supposedly Jerry Springer fed these bloody dupes hormones in effect to get them to fight on stage. Personally, I think people go on that show just to fight or maybe it is just staged. I'm no expert on American television, though, since I watch so little of it. Do people really need this type of diversion from their dull lives? Why do you (yes, you because you know you have) people need this? Pick up a book, get a hobby, go running, but do yourself a favor and turn the T.V. off and stop reading the rags. You'll thank me in the end.


Anonymous said...

well, i can say that when i first saw rikki lake on television in Australia while living there, I phoned a friend and asked her "is this show for real?" i had been out of the States for a year or two at that point and had totally forgot what the American mentality can be. I remained in disbelief until my return, and honestly, compared to the oxymoronic "reality" tv shows of today, this was Pride and Prejudice. Again, I is the reiteration of the decline of the human race. Haven't watched it in eight years....don't miss it.

Christine said...

That stuff just sends chills up my spine. In disgust, that is. When I went to school, every cafeteria had a TV. Jerry springer was on during lunch every day and the guys were always yelling and shouting at the TV. I remember one day, some guy got up and changed the channel. This caused a huge uproar and a fight. That guy actually got beat up for touching the channel. This is for real and we really act like this. I am often in utter disbelief what lack of pride and respect we have for ourselves and each other. No wonder why I hardly leave the house.