Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Why does pain love the same people? Recently, a friend had to go through the diagnosis of her son's cancer. I do understand why people have to suffer. What I don't understand is why it has to be the same people every time. She's had to endure a bad marriage, clinical depression, and another son with Autism. Things like this may be the best proof of why there is no God. I understand that pain is common in life and we must do our best to get through it, but there is a trend of those that are constantly in pain. There have been times when I will chalk her issues up to her manic states, but this may be too much for one person with her problems to handle. Of course, with no God there is no one to question now, is there?

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Anonymous said...

thanks..i don't know maybe it's fate's ironic twist of trying to make me stronger..i used to be strong..perhaps i need to realize that i can't let everything knock me down. but then again some things will and i guess that's ok. my pain will never come near to theirs and i wish i could take it all from them.
the pain he has caused me has done the most damage but it's over.'s things like this that keep me going. sharing a gift of yourself will always lighten my burdens. ta.