Friday, October 31, 2008


Knarf is a dog. Knarf runs sheepishly through life with a head cocked to one side in order to divert his eyes from the ultimate path. Knarf can't look forward because the ultimate end is blinding. Knarf is a true coward, but he has inspired. Knarf has never really inspired anyone to really attempt anything great, though. Knarf is wearing a mask right now. Knarf deceives everyone into thinking that he is something special. Knarf doesn't want anyone. Knarf thinks that people should stay out of his life and mind their own business. Knarf doesn't like other people and clearly does not work well with many. Knarf hates psychologically impaired people that do the psychological impairments to themselves. Knarf thinks that everyone should read more and do something other than sit on the couch and switch T.V. channels. Knarf thinks that people are mostly stupid but he really wants to believe otherwise. Knarf just wants nothingness. Knarf wants to be somewhere else in the universe right now that is billions of light-years away. Knarf doesn't have fun doing many things. Knarf loves music and writing completely random and rambling thoughts down to annoy the reader. Knarf thinks his thoughts actually matter but just doesn't want to admit to himself that no one really cares. Knarf doesn't believe in hope. Knarf thinks that everything he sees is a representation of an idea. Knarf is an atheist and is no longer an agnostic. Knarf doesn’t want people to worry about him. Knarf doesn’t want any harm to come to anyone even if they really deserve it. Knarf denies his existence. Knarf denies everyone else’s existence. Knarf thinks that if you fall in love with him he will cut you off. Knarf thinks that if you believe that money is a great thing then you obviously have nothing smart to say to him. Knarf thinks that these people should not even bother to talk to him. Knarf thinks that if you believe that not everyone is equal then you’re obviously one of the people that he would consider “less equal”. Knarf thinks that bigotry is for people that are not intellectual. Knarf thinks that if you don’t read then you need to wake up. Knarf thinks that most people are sleeping due to this fact. Knarf knows that war wrong and should be diverted in all but the most necessary situations. Knarf thinks that the people that actually read this blog must be almost as crazy as he is. J


Anonymous said...

I <3 knarF. :)

Anonymous said...

i decided to leave my comment after this piece although i have read the last 3 or so. i haven't been on here in awhile. interestingly enough i find a lot of comparisons to things i have written about my own life, many times over..and they can be found in about 10 or so of my entries. following a life on the way to enlightenment, the Noble Eightfold Path, if you will seems to go against all that you have held against me since i've known you. i find the irony in that it is not a surprise to me. i saw that you mentioned the word coward in one of your entries. i know we have that conversation. and i know i was abused for it. i have some entries from quite some time ago that i think you should read. i think you will be a bit surprised to see how they mirror your own self description. i'm not going to go on with the philosophical and psychosocial babble that will tell you to "be who you are." it's understood by those who are troubled by the abnormal norm. just as you have become tired of explaining yourself, or actually not explaining yourself, i have grown tired of trying to have you as a friend. it does leave a hole in my life as there were a lot of things we actually agreed on, much to your dismay. the other things which usually created a monster, well everyone has their own gig as they should. just as you have expressed the disdain for those who do not devour a book with the passion that we may, i feel the same way that someone i was able to connect with on a "different" level found the need to constantly prey on my shortcomings in an effort to push me away. why i am posting this anonymously perplexes me as i am sure you will know who this is. i do not even care to try and confuse you with proper capitalization. just as you, i am tired of feeling i need to explain myself, i just don't understand why one of the few people in my life that really "get" this wouldn't just let me have an opportunity to have at least some time to not have to feel as i had to. i guess it is cowardice, but in a true Buddhist philosophy "hurt" is not something that is encouraged. "Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill." Buddha i apologize for the lengthiness of this comment, but had i sent it in another form of correspondence i would have been condescended for it. and for what reason? i haven't a clue but i respect others as i hope they would respect me. peace.

Anonymous said...

i say we each write a detailed description of where you think you will be in ten years. Seal it, give to the other, and in ten years open it and see who was the closest in their guess. i think you may be surprised. but that is only my perception.