Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mood Swings

I had a violent mood swing today. I sent a text message to Jennifer only, maybe, thirty seconds after I had left a possible future living quarters that I went with her to look at. It said simply, "An intense sadness is slurping the marrow out of me and leaving a shell unworthy of the most pitiful of rabid beasts." She insists that I need a change of scenery from the current environment which is clearly doing me no good whatsoever. After that I went and bought some beer and decided to write.

Feelings and thoughts of this nature haven't caught up with me in a while. They were once much more prevalent, but anymore it's only ever maybe once a year, usually in the fall.

I feel hollow. There's nothing left. Even if there were I probably wouldn't be able to muster up enough strength to give it anyway. I have lost my energy to be at this point. Maybe I should take a nap. A very long nap.

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~Jennifer Ann~ said...

i love you so much...your adorable in all your misery. xooxo