Saturday, November 15, 2008


Minor clarification for the individual that obviously can't read correctly. This is going back to my 10/24/08 entry. I going to quote myself and then quote this comment that I received.

"I tend to think that things like having children is much more selfish on an ecological level (more kids equal more garbage)"

Apparently, I was greatly misread by another reader. Let's see what they had to say.

"... your statement of more children equaling more...did you say "garbage"? Interesting, for they could also be a more positive change for the world"

This individual clearly missed the word ecological as I was speaking from an environmental point of view. When I say ecological I am talking of the environmental impact of more people in general. However, maybe it was my fault and I just wasn't clear enough myself. To all of my readers, before you send a scathing comment please read and don't skim. It's all I ask. There is no "reading between the lines" here. Just reading in general. Obviously, this person thinks I have something against kids and I fully understand that we were "all children once, even the great minds of the past and the present". Anyone that actually knows me would realize that I actually love kids. A good friend of mine, Lauren, would back this up whole-heartedly as her first son is my best little buddy on the planet and the two younger ones have been a true blessing in my life.

And don't think that I don't have a theory on who this anonymous writer was. I do track your IP Addresses, after all.

The FU


Anonymous said...

duh..i know you track ip's right on the bottom of your site, and i stand in what i said..ecologically or not..if that is what people are judging people having children on, it's an interesting concept. maybe these children will learn to be respectful of their earth, something we obviously don't do. and i don't skim, i absorb and i make a comment based on what i am reading..perhaps it was the way you wrote it, perhaps not. "scathing?" strong word for someone who feels they were misinterpreted. that is what the word "comment" means. i didn't notice anything that said "good comments only, please."
but will refrain from reading, i was bored. chill out.

~Jennifer Ann~ said...

yeah quick question - I love frank.
I know you love kids Frank. its ok.