Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blogging In General

I never knew what I was getting myself into when I first started blogging online last year. It's a good outlet for me. I don't really have anyone I can vent to. That's not a shot across the bow of the few that do listen to me when I need to talk. It just means that I don't like talking about certain things all that much. Some tried to squeeze it out of me like I was some sort of lemon that they needed to juice. I understand that some people just need to hear certain things, but I won't say certain things unless they're true. And besides that, I have no interest in sharing what I feel in spoken words anyway. It's much easier for me to type what I'm thinking and I can actually be myself on my blogs. There are a select few people that I know that read my blogs and that read it for that reason; they almost know me. Some know me less than they think they do and others know me better than they should, but that's why this blog is here; so I can vent without a boundary as to what is and what isn't in my life and give them a new FUbix Cube to ponder over. Some will never get me and jump to conclusions without reading thoroughly enough, some will just totally block out certain key phrases or sentences all together and assume that I hate them, and some will just read this and smile because they know that they may just have a better idea with what their dealing with than a few of the others. They latter some accept it. The earlier ones would be in the "still trying to understand" phase. Don't be fooled, though. No one I know really can follow me, and I like it that way. I like being hard to comprehend. It shows, though, that people usually are too preoccupied on trying to figure someone else out when, in reality, they should be just minding their own business and not worrying about what makes me tick but instead worrying about what makes themselves tick. The latter group doesn't do this. They don't worry about trying to understand me. They just accept it as it is.

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