Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 2009?

I guess the heading is a question, eh? I know that this year, like all others, will have its ups and downs so, logically, it would be more appropriate to question a "Happy 2009". Actually, maybe a "Content 2009!" would be a better saying. No one listens to me though and, as usual, all of that "optimistic bullshit" that I detest so much exfoliates from the pores of a complete species of drunken idiots on this Oh-so-excellent of nights. The only thing that "differentiates" me from the average lush" is that I understand that this year will be far from "happy". Come to think of it, it may be the complete opposite with regards to the economic stress that we're undergoing. I expect a gloomy year on the whole.

Either way, I just figured I'd jump on and wish everyone a "Happy and Healthy 2009". I'm staying in tonight with a lady friend, two bottles of red vino and a laptop that needs to be dismantled.

Actually, I just got a call from a friend from work. He's at his wife's Aunt's house right now. I might just go there for a bit. They're right up the street so I don't have to worry about a ride to and fro.

With that, I wish you all luck tonight and a word to the wise: Drink responsibly! It's an unpleasant job to clean up human remains from crushed automobiles and busy roadways so, please, think of your local First Responders and Fire Fighters.



peacegal said...

yes, i don't expect anything anymore from the new year..content would be wonderful. i'm just hoping right now that i don't have to make another emergency trip to philadelphia, his temp is going up just as it did last week..enjoy your youth, Frank..and enjoy what you have each minute. it is very easy to talk about things like a crappy new year but it is even worse to have had to live it.

but ..i sincerely wish you the best in '09, my friend.

Barb said...

I see you unknowingly commemorated the last use of your crystal wine glass before its untimely death.