Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yuletide Rant

I hate this time of year. I look so forward to Halloween but I know that, within a month, the holiday shopping season will be in full swing which means that assholes will be the most common form of Homo sapien, myself being the biggest. There's nothing magical about this holiday to me. It feels manufactured just like one of the billions of toys that will be given away tomorrow. I have many great memories as a kid of tomorrow and yes, I'm quite a fan of many of some of the classic holiday movies. But all in all, I can't seem to get over this feeling that the American Yultide spirit is about nothing more than plastic and tinsel and any real meaning is made out of these plastic and tinsel things. I would even go so far as to say that the very soul of America is nothing more than the holiday season. It's what keep the economy going year in and year out and has, for years, been a thermometer that gauges the health of the economy. If things aren't going so great (like this year) then the Christmas shopping season will show like a pregnant woman 7 months away from birth. This makes me sick to my stomach. To express love you need to buy for people. There's always going to be conflict in this. "Oh, she only spent that on this for them?" The holidays are more about out-doing your relatives with witty gift ideas than what they were originally meant for. Some tell me that I shouldn't look too deeply into it and that I should just go with the flow, but these are the people that just don't get it. 

The Puritans used to refer to Christmas as "rags of the beast". While I would be the first to refer to the Puritans as idiotic religious zealots they may have hit the nail on the head.

I might get a lot of flack for trampling everyones favorite holiday, but that's fine. I don't expect people to actually rethink what Christmas is about because of this post. I just needed to express what I felt about it. 

And for the people that DO understand how I feel; you have a Merry Christmas while I drink my Christmas Eve Guinness. 

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Merry Christmas Frank. ;)