Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Ok, I got the site working and I took down that stupid dummy site about primates that was my practice site. I figured out the problem today and it all came from my "extensive" knowledge of Linux. My issue with loading my links all had to do with one capitalized "L". I expressly picked out a Linux server because of my die-hard love for several flavors of that OS and, well, it's cheaper than the Micro$uck garbage that would and could, eventually, get hacked. I also forgot to realize that when you drop any files onto a remote server they actually accept the local properties. Linux is case-sensative. An example would be as follows: Two separate files with the names "frank.txt" and "Frank.txt". On an OS X machine or a Windows machine (I think, anyway) this wouldn't be a problem and both operating systems would see them as being the same file. But on a Linux machine they are seen as two different files. That was my problem, one capitalized "L". Well, it's resolved now and the site is up, so I suggest you all head there and lambast my suckingness on HTML. It's small for now, but it will get bigger with time and experience. You can access it at THE FU BLOG. Talk to you guys later.

The FU

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~Jennifer Ann~ said...

i was proud when I saw it, but am patiently waiting for the fireworks. ps I hate word verification.