Sunday, July 19, 2009

Been A While

This seems to be a norm. I write blog upon blog upon blog and then I go months upon months upon months with a black hole's worth of nothing. I wish that I had more motivation to write more often and to make my burst of creativity actually last but, alas, I am only human and my lack of perfection is all too evident. When I think about the ebb and flow of my thoughts (thinking about thoughts; What irony!) the only thing that I see are those tides of the New Jersey shore that I have grown to love as a native of this horrid state; the states only redeeming quality laps up to greet me whenever I so wish to trek to that one place that I have such great admiration for and which I have such wonderful memories of.

I haven't even updated TheFuBlog in several months. I am truly a lowly being.

I need inspiration and I need it fast.

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