Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yuletide Rant 2009

Well, it's that time of year again...

I hate that phrase.

Before I offend anyone, I suggest you go back and check last year's Yuletide Rant, because this year's will probably be more of the same. There is one major difference, though: I've stopped buying presents. My mother wasn't too fond of the idea. She tends to get wrapped up in the "merriness" of the holidays. I find this almost offensive and, in the utmost sense, deplorable. My reason being is that this holiday has been drained of all of it's meaning and since has been replaced with consumerism at it's most vile and repulsive. I did buy one present this year, but it's for my live-in girlfriend. If I didn't she would probably kick me out of my own apartment.

An article that I came across recently about a campaign against excessive consumerism during the holiday season made me feel what I did this year was justified. The Advent Conspiracy is a semi-political campaign set up by ministers that everyone in this debauched nation should try and peruse through, that is, if they're not too busy driving themselves crazy trying to find a parking spot at their local mall. As many of you that know me know, I am an atheist and would never have any sort of religious affiliation in the least, but I feel that this campaign is what the heart of the holidays season is all about. Religion doesn't do much right, but they got this one right.

So, if I haven't spoiled that warm, fuzzy feeling in the bottom of your heart then I will say, at the very least, have a happy holiday and don't drink to excess. Holiday hangovers are the worst.

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