Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another Long Hiatus

I'm getting sick of the phrase "It's been a while". But it has. I can't deny the validity of that phrase.

For those of you that don't know me personally, over the last few months I've been brewing my own beer. It seems I have found a calling in life that I had never expected. I tend to be more anal when I'm doing something that I'm passionate about, and beer is something I'm passionate about. This is probably why I'm becoming so proficient at it. I really would love to do this for a living. I love my job and the mild amount of security I've attained for myself, but life is better when you can take chances at something that you love. I thought I loved music enough to do something really crazy, but I never did. Being a brewer may be different. Doing things like this are the best part about being an American, and it's the one thing and the only thing that I love about this country.

It's hot out today. I wonder if it's just the humidity or the storm that's abrewin' in my carboy.

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