Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Constitution

The sole flaw in a democratic system is that the people have the right to change it through popular opinion. Unfortunately, those changes are usually for the worse. The founding fathers foresaw this, and the Constitution was created for this reason. It's very rigid and, very often, gets in the way of even those that seem to defend it. But it's all we have. And people on all sides of the isle still want to change it.

It's divorced the people from the government more completely than any other document in recorded history. This was its greatest triumph. It gives allowance to the people to defend themselves and their rights stated on its legendary parchment from government, albeit through peaceful negotiation or, if necessary, through force. It gives us the right to speak our mind without penalty, to practice what religion/belief we see fit to, to do as we see fit within reason. And it's OURS.

Things seem bleak now. The ocean is hard on the timbers, but this ship will not right itself through partisan politics. Playing politics right now will do no good. So, who do you blame? The likely scapegoat is the ever-so-obvious politician. But politicians only do what they're told and they, generally, will try to make the best with what they have, depending on situation and personal aspirations. A wise person would see that there is only one conglomerate to blame: the American people.

We've lost our innocence, and recreating those early days of the founding fathers is more than just a pipe-dream: it's delusion. They were men of their time, and we must be a people of OUR time, living out the dreams that they wanted us to live out. We've become to stubborn in our creature comforts, though, and are gladly trading our freedoms for the security of the modern world. We've become free to the point of slavery.

I don't ask that you support a cause: I don't believe in politics as a system as it tends to make bigger problems for itself. I do ask that you try to do nothing more than be an American and understand what the founding fathers did to get us here and that the Constitution is there for one reason: it's there for YOU. Read it and understand it. It's not going anywhere anytime soon.

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