Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paid Blogging

Last night, I submitted my first article to another blog site. A PAID blog site. I need a new outlet along with what I have here. Money to write would be nice, and as much as I love Blogger, it doesn't pay me. I could sign up for AdSense, but i have a feeling that my pictures are all copyrighted, and I may be liable to give Guinness more money than I already have some time down the road.

Well, maybe this will work out for me. Let's see if they'll publish me. Judging by the other material up on the sight, I shouldn't have a problem. It seems that the editors tend to let a lot of stuff go, even in their own articles. Clunky sentences don't seem to be a problem, and as I have a penchant for well-constructed sentences, I may seem like the next coming of F. Scott Fitzgerald. I'm not trying to offend anyone, but that's just what it seems like to me.

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