Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony

This Casey Anthony trial reminds me of the Fatty Arbuckle trial from the turn of last century. Fatty supposedly murders a young girl, William Randolph Hurst makes a huge spectacle with his newspapers, people demonize Fatty Arbuckle for "murder", he's acquitted, and his reputation is ruined. People rush to judgement too quickly. NONE of us were in that court room nor were any of us at the scene of the crime, and the sleaze that they call the press has their own agenda. DO NOT rush to judgement. For all we know Casey Anthony really was innocent. Too many people that have later been exonerated (AFTER the fact, no less) have been put to death. I wish that people weren't so naturally blood thirsty to begin with. Maybe reason would actually affect them more often.

Now, if you wanted to talk about OJ Simpson, then that's another story altogether...

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