Sunday, August 9, 2015

Chapter 2: Jay

That old bastard.  He keeps tellin' me to calm down and man up. I AM manning up. He's the one delaying something inevitable. Whatever lay on the other side of the river is no less evil than whatever is pushing us to these shores.

This whole situation is tragedy. There's no way out. My family, my friends, hell, even this forest. Nothin's gonna be left. Whatever is coming from behind us, the river bein' the only thing in front of us, this life, this place. It a goddamned meatgrinder, and this bastard...this STUBBORN bastard... wants to go headlong into it, like some demented Valkyrie that don't know what's good for her.

God is callin' us. Callin' every single one of us to get out while we can. I'm heedin' it. That old son-of-a-bitch ain't. I prophesize, he ignores me. He's makin' me out to be some random crazy they used to lock in the local nuthouse when we had em'.

This rock. Heavy in my hand. Thinkin' I may. Samuel said "For who is God, but the Lord? And who is a rock, except our God?" Our God, the rock.

Things are gettin' desperate around here. Food is missin', water is spoiled in most places, and this old man is sitting in the way. I see him sittin' there, lookin' across that river like it were some grand peak. He's seein' for miles, but there's only yards between us and the other side. Does justice make sense when there's no system to defend it? Or does justice exist even in anarchy? That is a question.

But not now, not yet. He has time. The Lord hath shown mercy upon him, and I shall be commanded by his will. But the Lord is the Lord of the faithful. He shall have his time.

These times. I see him twiddlin' beach sand in his fingers. How dare he molest such beauty with such impure digits and not be punished for this loathsome act. Then again, trying times like these make men doubt. And when men doubt, they come to places like this, sometimes just to twiddle sand. Lord knows, I have had my share of those times.

These events that have led me here were not unforseen. I knew they were comin'. I knew for years. It's the separation, the separation of the sheep from the goats. I will enter that holy city on high, while this bastardly apostate shall reap what he's sewn his whole life. His cowardice will, in fact, be his downfall.

And I will make sure of that when the Lord commands his conduit.

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